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Full Version: Questin that i can't find the awnser
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Hi, i was looking at the difference between hobby and retail but no answer is completed...

Anyway my question is If i buy upper deck serie one 2013 hobby , can i complete it by buying retail card of the same series ? or a hobby set is not the same as a retail set?

if NOT, it mean that if i buy a box of upper deck serie one 2013 hobby, i can't buy a blaster box serie one 2013 at wallmart to add to my set ?

Thank you
Yes, hobby has better odds of inserts. Young Guns are 5 or 6 per hobby box. Retail will net you less. Hobby and retail cards are the same. The insets fall better in hobby. Check any good website selling both and odds should be stated. Best of luck.
thank you!
but thats only the case with UD Series 1+2, you need to be careful. Some nicer sets (atleast in other sports) have Hobby and Retail versions of the base set
I can't speak for hockey as I am a baseball collector, but one of the big differences between a baseball hobby box and a retail box besides the odds of hits is coallation. Retail boxes will have dupes, while the chance of that in a hobby box is far far less.