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Full Version: 2012-13 nba roy?
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i have to admit, i don't follow the regular season of basketball, whether it be ncaa or nba, that is until march rolls around. and now that march madness (which now ends in april) is done, i'm starting to look at the nba playoffs.

we all know who the mvp will be (and i think it's funny that sports radio talk shows are arguing about who comes in don't matter, unless you have a bonus in your contract for coming in 2nd).

so is lillard still the one to win the 2012-13 rookie of the year? or is anthony davis making a strong push at the end here?
Lillard will be ROY, I am confident in that. However this class looks really good as a few players have come on as of late, especially Anthony Davis, Bradley Beal and Moe Harkless.
Lillard. Anthony hasnt done much more than the other top Rookies. If he got it, it would be a sham.
Beal was on a really good stretch but got hurt. It's all Lillard's now, especially after last nights performance