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Full Version: New Here introduction
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My name is Scott, I am located in the northeastern corner of Pennsylvania. I am taking baby steps back into the hobby, from an approximate 15 year absence. I have a fairly extensive collection from the 1990's, including singles, hand coallated sets, and inserts. i am not specifically collecting anything atm. As of now, my gameplan is to fill my many partial sets from the 90's.

I like this organize feature of the site, and have begun entering some of the stuff I have, which may have some value to someone. As I build that inventory listing up a bit, I will investigate further where to post wantlists.

One of the reasons I have begun purchasing some newer cards, is to rebuild a good reputation as a trader. This is driving my wife nuts, for she wants me to get rid of my stuff, as it currently takes up 2 closets space, which in all honesty is the ultimate goal. I hold out hope though, that one of the children will appreciate the collection I have, and perhaps we can enjoy it together, else, it will end up being marketed, to hopefully someone who will appreciate.

Should you happen to have a setbuild wantlist, from 1990 to 1997 or 98, please feel free to share it with me. I enjoyed in the past, and I am sure I still will, working deals with other collectors to help each of us build collections.

A couple questions, regarding "modern day" trading.
Is it still, each individual pays shipping each way, regardless, or if one person is sending a stack for one card, is shipping split?

Are trades gone by the wayside, and most everything is done with buys and sells vs trading?

what other sites might be out there, which are active? Back in the 1990's, there was a usenet newsgroup in which I made many many trades, even with the massive growth in popularity of Ebay back then

Thank you for your time and the read. I look forward to striking some deals in the near future

Welcome to the Hockey boards! PM sent.
Welcome aboard. I know there are some collector's here still looking for some early to mid 90's stuff. You'd be surprised.

I'm looking for lots of 90's stuff because I bought a big lot of cards from a guy and it had a lot of partial sets so I decided to try and complete them. I also have a lot of 90's stuff for trade!
Welcome to the site!!!!
Welcome to the boards. This is a great community full of a lot of great people. Hopefull you'll be able to fulfill and complete those wants of yours here.good luck and welcome again.

A big welcome to our Hockey Boards and the Beckett Community, Scott!

To answer your questions I can help out. The shipping is per individual per trade. I ship my cards to you at my cost and you ship your end to me at your cost. Now there is a huge difference in shipping costs between Canada Post and the United States Postal Service. Since this came into effect many American traders have stopped trading with us Canadians. Sad I personally offer a higher dividend to my fellow traders South of the border to levy the cost a bit. Plus the trade has to be pretty worth-while. Lots of people still trade, but the Hockey Boards have seemed to plateau a bit due to the lockout.

The other sites? Well... that's not something that we can discuss on the Boards. Haha!

If there is anything that I can give you a hand with, please do not hesitate to give me-or one of the other experienced members-a shout! You will surely garner all information that you are looking for. Best wishes!

Welcome to the site, I will be checking your organize once you have a chance to get it all set, as I'm trying to complete some sets from the 90's.