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Full Version: 2012-13 leaf best or case?
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in 2012-13 leaf best of hockey, for those special mystery redemption cards, does that take the place of a sketch card, a graded slabbed card, or does it just come as a bonus in the box?

if they mystery redemption replaces a slabbed card, then i'm probably going to stay away from single boxes and maybe just go for the full case...if i can afford it.

any thoughts?
The redemptions replace the slabbed card. You see a sketch card with a one-touch behind it holding the redemption.

My advice is to stay away from buying any boxes or cases of Best of Hockey period. I bought 3 cases and the breakdown was always the same:
1 card that resells in the $200-$250 range
1 card that resells for about $75-$100
1 card that resells for about $50-$75
The sketch cards resell for about $20-$40 each

Unless of course you get one of the main hits but there are so few cards that are worth the price of a case - $625-$725. If you look at the sell sheet for the product the top 10 hits out of 1000s of boxes might get you a profit.

My advice is to buy a redemption straight off of ebay and stop there.