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got some cool stuff in today

97-98 UD Ice Parallels complete set

[Image: 97-98IceParallels_zps32eb9820.jpeg]

a bunch of 97-98 UD Ice Power Shifts

[Image: 97-98IcePowerShift_zps5b871a46.jpeg]

and some SPx Autos

[Image: SPxAutos_zps9770874b.jpg]

thanks for the look!
Those are some great sets Phil. Congrats!
Awesome cards phil!

I realy like the Jagr autos...very Sweet!

Thanks for sharing!
wow, those are sick! early SPx products are hands down one my favorites.
Phil as always awesome stuff! Where do you find all of this stuff?
Some amazing cards there Phil. Love the SPx auto's.
Those SPXForce cards are sick. They just don't make 'em like they used to.
GEEZ man!!! Those are SICK! Can I have some? Please? Pretty please with sugar and cherries on top? I won't even ask for the best ones! Haha!
Huge congrats on the brilliant adds, Phil!!!

thanks for the comments everyone! If 2 90's SPx Gretz autos don't get a whack of comments, what will, right?

I'm about done with eBay - haven't bought a card in a while - so, roussy35, I got a guy I've been dealing with for years, that has a whole bunch of stuff that I buy off of him in lots every couple months. If it wasn't for him, my collection wouldn't be near what it is. I'm incredibly lucky, and much poorer, that I met him
Hahahaha understood. Congrats! I gotta find a guy like that.......
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