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Full Version: Sending cards in for Beckett grading advice
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Hello all,I am hoping for some good feedback here. I have never sent any cards into Beckett for grading but want to with my PC of Jordans and Brauns. What is the best way to do it. Is it through the website? Or rip those pages out of the actual Beckett? WhT usually is the best price if I'm sending in 10 or so cards? Can I leave them in the thicker cases or do they all need to be in top loaders? always been Leary about it but really want to start getting my better cards slabed. Any info would be great. Not sure if I'm just an idiot but never got the form to fill out. Thanks
Pricing depends on the level you select, with the only tangible difference being how quickly you want to get them back. I personally use Card Savers and penny sleeves when shipping. I'm sure top loaders would be fine as long as you know they fit your cards right and there is not chance of them sliding around. I tape groups of five together, supporting the front and back with strong cardboard and a bag. I then put them in a box with lots of packing material.

The PSA website includes instruction about how to send cards into them, and you will not go wrong if you follow those steps when sending cards into BGS.
You have many options when it comes to submitting cards for Grading with Beckett.

1. You can see if they'll be in your area anytime soon at a card shop or show.

2. If you are in the Southern California area there are a few submission centers.

3. Lastly, you can mail the cards in. You can send the cards in any holder just keep in mind they won't be returned. I put my cards in card savers, stack them and then I put 2 cardboards, one on each side for extra protection. You can send the in a small box or a bubble mailer. Myself I send mine in a small box and I put bubble wrap around the cards.

As far as the form goes you can use one from a recent issue or print it from the site.

All this is explained in the grading tab in more detail, probably less confusing

One more thing, check if Beckett is having a special.
I have done two submissions and I have waited until Beckett introduces a promotion. They typically have a promotion each month. Also, I know that if this is your first time submitting, they may give you a first time discount which I believe was $50 for me. Not sure if they still do this, but something to look into. I can give you the email address of the guy that I dealt with. Let me know if you want it. I also just printed off the form from this website and sent it in that way. I also typed up a list of the cards I was sending in to make sure that all the information about the card was provided (the form is hard to fit all the information in, especially if the cards are jersey cards or parallels). This is not needed, but I did it to make sure that all the information was provided.

When I sent my cards in, I put them in toploaders. As Sonic311 mentioned you can send them in whatever you want but you will not get them back. When I sent in my Jordan Flair Legacy card that books for more than 2k, I actually sent it in a magnetic case. Obviously a waste of the case, but I did not want anything to happen. I then shipped the cards in a secure box wrapped in bubble wrap and carboard. Probably over the top in protection, but when you are sending in cards that would sell for $500+ I want to make sure they arrive safely. Just some of my thoughts.
Beckett has a Grading FAQ page with answers to most if not all of your questions. Packaging of cards for shipping is included.

Price depends on how fast you want your cards back. Grading is usually pretty tough, so if this is your first time, you might want to experiment with a few cards. You might think they are BGS 9.5 and they could come back as 7's or 8's. All I am saying is you may be surprised. A good rule of thumb is if you see a flaw, Beckett will definitely see a flaw.
Great thanks guys. All your info was very helpful. Thanks again!!!!
I bought a beckett graded card and found the case had scratch marks can u send it in to be repackaged it had a auto 10 and card was 9.5 i dont want the grade to go down is that an option?
(07-24-2016, 12:01 PM)kidd666 Wrote: [ -> ]I bought a beckett graded card and found the case had scratch marks can u send it in to be repackaged it had a auto 10 and card was 9.5 i dont want the grade to go down is that an option?
You can submit the card for a re-slab only. The only thing they would do is break the card out of the scratched up case and transfer it to a new one if I'm not mistaken. I believe the label will be kept/re-used. Call one of the Beckett Grading Reps to confirm thought.
I read the forms carefully, never pay for a quick turnaround, and only slab cards for my PC. Everyone treats this differently, but this is how I do it because it makes me happy.
I bought a 89 upper deck griffee rookie graded by bccg.
Could I send it in to be graded by Beckett?
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