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Full Version: My new Jeff Green Collection
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Aloha everyone!

Had to find a new favorite player to watch/collect as KG will be retiring soon. Please let me know if there are any RC that you folks suggest I can add to this.

Thank you!!!

[Image: photo3.jpg]
nice looking collection!

interesting player to collect. i liked watching him on OKC.
Very nice!
ive got this dual rc auto and some dual rc gu's for the right pc piece, you have an awesome start to your pc!!!!!
[Image: IMG_0033.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0001-3.jpg]
Hmmm.... i now have a competitor for Green's here at Beckett....
Actually you have two. I have been collecting him all season. I focused by starting on picking up some BGS 9.5 refractors from his rookie year. I have been hunting down a 2011 hoops auto but always get pumped at the last minute on the Bay.
Ah, but I've been collecting Jeff Green since his rookie year....
I know, but I've decided to jump in on your train, jk. I actually am only planning on picking up a few basics. I am happy with what I have and am looking to just add a few pieces of him in a Celtcs uni. I love his rookie stuff though as hat Sonics uni looks very good.
I was just adding up my pc players last night - I've now got 180 Jeff Green's - about 90 of his Rookie year cards. I did pick up his 2006-07 Chronology XRC - letterman patches Letter "R" yesterday at a Canberra collectables fair. Got it for AU$10 so i was very happy.
pingbling23 nice dual auto!

Its nice to see that Jeff Green is getting some hobby love. taffster74 and SHowley2003 I would love to see some pics of your Jeff Green Collections.

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