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Full Version: Thoughts on Rookie Autographs
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Call me old fashion, but lately i'm liking on non-auto rookies, almost better than the Autographed ones. For example ...look at Prizm vs. Select.

Prizm has base card rookies which were hot. and a subset auto RC's.

Select on base rookie autographed cards. and a red hot rookie subset which are like the rookie cards. basically the opposite.

Which do you prefer? I think select using the non-auto rookies in a subset is a big mistake. I think they should have #'d the red hots and added them to the main set. IMO. I think with Prizm you get more of a return on investment, and with select higher reward. with the low #'d rookie autos...but its hard to pull a top notch guy.

What do you guys think about this? Which do you like better?
I agree with you. That being said I chased the threads rc auto set(and completed it). This year is tough because not all the top rooks will be in a given product. Kyrie is exclusive to panini, Lillard is exclusive to leaf. Sets with non auto rc like priZm prestige and elite will have all the rookies. Absolute, contenders, select etc etc will have most of them.....but not all.
I agree as well. Select does have a base RC of Lillard, it is the only Base RC in the set I think. I wish they would have made base RCs of everyone like the certified, and then there would have been Gold and Black Parallels of the Base RCs.... and they could have still done the Autos and just made them an insert set instead of the RCs. My other complaint is there are only 25 veterans you can get autos from and only a handful of them are high dollar. But those gold RC Patch autos a freaking sweet though.
I personally like the desing of select a lot better than the Prizm. I guess I'm satisfied because all of the rookies or stars that I collect are in both sets. I'm not a set builder so it works great for me. If I'm not mistaken, Select has more versions of the Hot Rookies (Black, Green, Gold, Prizms, Red + the White Hot Rookies) than any of the versions that was available with Prizm. I guess Select stood out the most to me because of the Summit release, lol.
Thanks, seems to be a bit split so far, as I figured it would be.

Overall I would say the select set looks better, but I thought the prizm autos look really good with the silver and blue ink.