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Full Version: Remember when you used to find hits in Blasters?
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...Just sayin
LOL ... They're still in there, pulled all these within last couple of years:

[Image: KobeAuto_zpsdf59cb18.jpg]

[Image: Foster_zps51e5a6de.jpg]

[Image: Unibrow2.jpg]

[Image: Harper1.jpg]
For a couple of years Panini was actually pretty lousy about putting hits of any kind in blasters, I totally agree.

They've gotten somewhat better this year though, from what I've noticed. I bought 2 Prestige blasters, pulled decent GUs (Duncan, Rubio) in each.

I miss the "guaranteed hit" blasters too. Those 09-10 UD blasters with the guaranteed dual GU were great. 08-09 skybox too...I've pulled a Garnett GU, D-Rose rc and a Durant ruby /50 out of those blasters.
I loved the 09-10 UD blasters, pulled Jordan/Melo and LeBron/Jordan GU. I agree, its hard to get hits anymore out of blasters
That's insane RJCJ... What city/store do you buy from again?!?

I think it all depends on the product. I think products are putting less mem, and more autos (in the hobby boxes) i pulled a few low end auto rookies from retail, but certainly nothing like hobby boxes where it's guaranteed.
I'm finding the 2009-10 Certified Hobby blasters are pretty good - one GU guaranteed.
ah...the memories...