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Full Version: Most I should pay for this Gerald Henderson Patch?
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I'm collecting Spectrum patches and I'm not sure what the right price for this card is. I know we have some Henderson collectors here that could help me out.
Thats a nice patch. If its a PC piece I would be willing to go at the BIN price.
What bothers me is that another Henderson Patch /25 sold for $1.25.

I don't have an unlimited budget for this spectrum set and of course there is a lot of other stuff I collect.

(04-05-2013, 09:11 PM)SHowley2003 Wrote: [ -> ]Thats a nice patch. If its a PC piece I would be willing to go at the BIN price.
Yeah I hear ya and I am the same way with my Pierce collection. I just find that to be a nice looking patch and would be willing to hit the 10 buck mark rather than wait and hope for the next one to show up.
If this is a PC piece I would just buy it and not argue over it. The guy might come down $2, but is that gonna make or break you? There are only 25 of them and you might not see another one for a year or there could be one next week. You just never know. Also, any future ones listed could also be at the same price.

The longer you think about it and show it off to others on here (with other Henderson collector's reading your post) it could be gone.

Eat out one less day this week or month and use your savings to get your PC card.
Thats listed at about double I got mine for.
Yes, but you got one and some one else got one for under 2 bucks and a few are in PCs and a few are yet to be found, etc. I agree it is over priced but I have a pretty agressive approach to PC Cards that are in the 10 dollar range and I set my limits tight once I get above that line. That's how I personally limit myself. Wit that being said I have no idea how important this card is to the OP. There are plent of cards that I go 1.50 on and sell for 2.25 that I let go (for example).
would $6 shipped be too much to offer?
Sounds good to me.
(04-05-2013, 10:27 PM)evanturner12 Wrote: [ -> ]would $6 shipped be too much to offer?
Seller is in Canada and is asking $3.50 shipping. Your offer is less than half of what he is asking. I am not saying it is not fair or that he won't accept, but don't be suprised if he turns you down. But you have to start somewhere as well.
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