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Full Version: 2012 Leaf Cut Signature Edition 5 box break! Pretty Sweet Pull!
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We LOVE this stuff!

Pulled the following:
Simon Cowell - American Idol - X-Factor 4 of 12

Gene Tierney - Actress in "Laura" 2 of 3. Inscribed "Best Wishes", Died 1991 (I don't know who this is)

Nelson Mandela - President of South Africa 1 of 1. Dated 2-12-91

Warren Beatty - Actor in "Bugsy" 39 of 40. Pretty cool as it's on an english check, stamped 22 MAR 66

Jack Haley - Actor - Wizard of Oz (The Tin Man) 25 of 36, Died 1979, From a check

I think the Mandela is pretty valuable. 1 website I read said that his is the most valuable autograph of a living person. Apparently he stopped signing in 2010. Anybody familier with this kind of stuff?? There aren't any comparable ended auctions on ebay.

Picture of the Mandela!
 photo Mandela2_zps48b2dccd.jpg
very nice...mandela is an important, iconic figure, who is known world wide. i'd be happy to own that one! congrats!
That's some fantastic pieces!!! Well, except for the Simon, he's a yahoo!!

Mandela is an awe-inspiring item to have!! I guess I just grew up watching too many old movies, because I know very well who Gene Tierney is!! She was one of the true bombshells of her day, and a great actress. I remember her best from "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"....

[Image: gene-tierney.jpg]

Also, being an old film buff, the Jack Haley sounds pretty awesome to me as well!!

Awesome Mandela! Can't go wrong with an autograph of one of the 20th Century's most admired and important world leaders.

People go from all over the world to visit Robins Island off of Cape Town where Nelson Mandela and several other political prisoners of the Apartheid regieme were held - my parents have been there and they said that it was an extraordinarily moving place to visit.
Thanks for the replies and extra info guys!

We really like this product because you really could get any auto from virtually anyone. I really like that aspect of it. I would never be in the market for any of these autos, but pulling them out of a box with them already certifed and encased is pretty sweet.

I found some other info about the Mandela card.
The signaure was originally on a 3x2 pice of paper and the other side has a Telly Savalas auto on it! When you hold the card up to the light you can see the Savalas auto on the back, but since Leaf put the card backing over it, it makes it a little difficult to see, but it's definitely there.

I found the original auction that Leaf won for the Mandela auto. It sold for $1016.40

Here is a link to Mandela being the #1 most valuable living auto, don't know how accurate that is:
Top 10: Most valuable living signatures - Wikicollecting

Here are 2 links referencing the 2nd Telly Savalas auto:
RR Autograph Auction Nelson Mandela Ballpoint signature | RR Auctions
RR Auction: Past Auction Item
If anyone would like to see pics of the others, please let me know and I will post them!
Not bad at all
Incredible pull, especially with his recent passing. I would say you could get 5 digits for this card!
Congrats on the pulls....the Mandela sounds AMAZING!