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Full Version: 1 box Elite and 1 box Contenders
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Here are the Contenders. I wasn't crazy about this box with the exception the the Jalen redemption...

[Image: Contenders1box4-2-13.jpg]

I was very pleased with the Elite however. This was my first box of this product and I think they are very fun to open. Seems like there is a goody in almost every pack. Nice on card rookie Rivers auto. Most of the inserts were great names. +1 to my PC. And unless I read the box wrong I pulled an extra jersey[Image: blush.gif]...

[Image: Elite1box4-2-13pic1.jpg]
[Image: Elite1box4-2-13pic2.jpg]
[Image: Elite1box4-2-13pic3.jpg]

Great Pulls man. You definitely over hit on the Elite with the extra relic. I'd be very interested in the Kobe Stat. Contenders if you are ever looking to trade it.
Nice Stackhouse, If it is for trade let me know!
Nice Nicholson