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Full Version: Shout-Out to Random Act of Kindness, Plus 1/1 Mailday!
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Today after the dreadful long weekend of having no mail to look forward to, I looked in my post box at home to see two packages waiting for me. I was waiting for one item, but was not expecting a second one just yet, especially not from BC.

I crack open the one that I am expecting, and sure enough, out comes the beautiful Michel Goulet 1/1 card.

Then I open up the one from Maple Ridge, BC and am surprised to see an Arturs Irbe autograph card sent to me for really no particular reason. I also get a note with it. I guess I've got a secret admirer in the hobby Wink Just kidding, I'm a joker at heart. So, to Sheila in British Columbia who sent me this item, many thanks go your way...and though I am not Australian, the Australian "'Ello" was funny, my brain is random in that way.

Now that I've told, I shall show:

[Image: mail_zps083b91aa.jpg]