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I posted a bit ago that I was beginning a new TTM Auto project with some custom cards that I had made. I have the majority of them prepared, but still need to have a few others made for the more recent acquisitions to the team. I have only sent out 2 cards so far. But plan on sending out many more this week. I really like the way they look with the bold blue sharpie signature.

I have received my first of the set back:

01/28 = 4%

Deryk Engelland (03/22/13 -04/10/13 = 10 Day turnaround)
[Image: EngellandSCSCustom0001.jpg]

Heres my TTM site page for the set:

Thanks for the views and comments!
Now that is brilliant!!! Awesome set, and congrats on the first one!

Great TTM Hugh!!! I can't wait to see them all. You would think you should have no problem with Crosby, Letang and Martin since their all injured right now. Hope you get them back quickly.
God this looks so good. I really think it has a classy ITG feel to it. Looks amazing!