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Full Version: early 90's French cards lot - Mailday
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While browsing through some of the international eBay websites I stumbled upon two lots of early 90's French league cards made by Panini (1993-94 Pro A and a few other sets). I got them for relatively cheap although I knew beforehand that I would never get much of a value out of it. It had a few nice cards, but that's about it. Surprised to find Bo Kimble and Brad Sellers in a French product and those who know a little bit about European basketball will understand why I am happy with the Antoine Rigaudeau and Alain Digbeu cards.

Below the recap videos of the American players (you can also see the entire mailday break on my channel, but it's not too interesting, lol) and further down you'll find scans as well.

[Image: escanear0354.jpg]

[Image: escanear0355.jpg]

[Image: escanear0356.jpg]

[Image: escanear0357.jpg]

Nice looking cards...
Nice stuff