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Full Version: 2012 SPGU, three more boxes, What??
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Dealer got the final four boxes from the final case his wholesaler had and I wanted to try my luck since this product has been very good for me.

Today, not the best, not the worst.

First makes me wonder about the collation from UD. Ripped box one, then box two and on too box three and I stopped.

Why? I was seeing way to many of this card? Not all the numbers are close together, seemed wierd to get three of the same card in back to back to back boxes

[Image: GoodPulls449.jpg]

Boxes also contained doubles on two different Tour Duo cards

One of the driver autos was a dupe for me from an earlier break

[Image: GoodPulls363-1.jpg]

Now on to the best hits from the three boxes

[Image: GoodPulls445.jpg]

[Image: GoodPulls444.jpg]

[Image: GoodPulls443-1.jpg]

Nice triple
[Image: GoodPulls442.jpg]


[Image: GoodPulls441.jpg]


[Image: GoodPulls440.jpg]

And the very first one of these cards that had been pulled from our local

[Image: GoodPulls439.jpg]

That's it for 2012 SPGU, time to move on.
You should have just bit the bullet and done the last box. normally out of a mini case (4 boxes) you should get a bigger hit...although that could be a short printed driver. but all in all, the mcilroy was a nice pull. and you can't really complain about a tiger/byron nelson dual card.