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Full Version: Local Trade Night Results
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Last night I attended a Local Trade night at CnC (Clouts N Chara). I was able to make a few trades as well as joining in on a Group break that they put on for the collectors that showed up. Typically I do not do group breaks as I like all my hits but I decided to go in as I have only every done one before. The group break was a double up. So for the entry fee each person got to select 2 random team via a draft order. I selected the Habs and Canes. The products in the break were 12-13 Black Diamond, Artifacts, Limited, SP Game Used and 11-12 Prime. I was hoping to hit a Leblanc or Roy out of prime but I had no such luck but I did get a really nice Canes hit from Limited.

Group Break Results

[Image: 2012-13UpperDeckIce28GabrielDumontRC_zps1741f6ad.jpg]

[Image: 2012-13LimitedMonikersGoldMRFRonFrancis_zpsea1f55a3.jpg]

Onto the cards I picked up in trades

[Image: 2011-12PaniniTitaniumSpectrumRuby2RickNa...2a713c.jpg]
[Image: 2011-12LimitedTeamTrademarksMaterials11R...d10d62.jpg]
[Image: 2011-12DominionJerseys95AlexOvechkin_zps7177b00c.jpg]

and the big pick up of the night which is for my rookie collection

[Image: 2011-12Dominion176JakeGardinerJSYAURC_zpsd458e7a8.jpg]

All in all the trade night was great. Wish I could have done a few more trades but that will have to wait until the next one.

All comments are welcome.

Not too shabby! The Francis is very nice! Congrats!
Should the Dumont be available I could use it. Give me a shout. Thanks!

Nice pick-ups, Chris. I have the auto version of the Nash Team Trademarks ft if you are interested.