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Full Version: This Random Show and Tell Brought to You By...Boredom
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Today is my last day of three days off before heading back to work, and honestly, without work I have no idea what to do with myself.

So here you go, I picked up this 1979 Panini team set a few weeks back. Why? Well, I am a second generation Hungarian and I also collect Levente Szuper cards and he was the first ever Hungarian to be on an NHL team back in 2002-03. The way I see it is you should never forget the country from which your heritage originated. Be Canadian, but don't forget your roots.

Sure this is nothing big money, nothing super "epic OMG mojo", but something I really wanted in my collection the moment it popped up.

[Image: hungaryrandom_zps8729da72.jpg]
Love the one on the bottom right where the guy has a band-aid on his forehead. Must have been a rough game the night before.
You gotta love the older and obscure stuff! Congrats on the nice adds, Bruce!

Doesnt matter if its an OMG huge money piece. As long as you like it and want it for your PC, who cares. Nice addition to the PC
Bruce nice stuff as always. I love the older stuff like that. The things that you don't see everyday is what makes this a great hobby. Congrats!