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Full Version: 4 2008-09 Skybox blasters; OKC mojo! w/ scan
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So I decided to get in on blowoutcards' March Madness promo since this was a pretty cheap product that got you an entry (only team I have still alive is Michigan State, ugh).

I also picked up a 2010-11 Gold Standard, but that break was so atrocious I won't even post it. Last time I bought one, the "best" hit was a Kris Humphries auto...this time it was Tyson Chandler...seriously, wtf.

In any event, these blasters guarantee one GU hit per box...the "best" one I hit books $6. These hits however, were slightly better...and one was WAY better!

[Image: 08-09skyboxhits001_zpse359b6fc.jpg]

The Scola and the Durant are both rubies /50! The Durant is actually 50/50 (Ebay 1/1, ringy ding haha). Certainly helped compensate for the abysmal Gold Standard break.

Everything's listed FT in my org...even the crappy Gold Standard break haha. Anything's for sale as well. Thanks for looking!
Wish I had picked up some skybox blasters that good when I bought some. I remeber this product kind of being a flop when it came out and then... Panini became the lone manufacturer, collectors revisited these type of sets after that.
Nice Durant! That should bring in some good cash!
nice stuff bro, congrats!
Thanks for the comments guys!

I picked up 3 of these when they were $12.12 for the 12/21/12 "end of the world" sale. Hit a D-Rose RC, Garnett GU and 2 rubies, so I figured I'd try a few more in this promo. Four rubies now out of seven blasters, so they're pretty much one in every other blaster, give or take. The D-Rose RC ruby books CRAZY high...if I hit that and got it graded high I could probably trade it straight up for an MJ auto...craziness!

And I'm considering selling the Durant, or trading for a nice MJ. Don't really wanna trade down though...I don't hit cards like this for trade bait too often!