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Full Version: IGGY IS A PENGUIN!
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BREAKING NEWS: #Pens acquired Jarome Iginla from Calgary for Ben Hanowski, Kenny Agostino and 2013 first-round pick

Love it!

Had to chuckle when I say he went to Pitt after watching the Bruins- Canadiens Game and the First period of the Flames Avalanche and they kept saying he was going to Boston b/c Boston needed to respond to waht Pitt did.
bloody penguins!
Totally makes me laugh how social media is full of shite. Until its announced do not believe anything. Good trade for Calgary, they could have ended up getting nothing when he becomes an UFA. Pittsburgh is a better team with him, not that they werent a good team before! We will miss him here in Calgary, he was a great community guy.
Just another team trying to buy a Cup from the teams who actually WANT the Cup! It's very seldom that such a thing works (2000 Rangers come to mind), and it's very seldom that the "money" team gets past the first team with heart (L.A. Kings, anyone?). We will see... but I would not hold the hopes up too high. Wink

so pumped! Talking to guys at work yesterday, I was saying no matter where iggy goes I probably wont be happy unless it was to play with Sid but after the pens recent moves I though that ship had sailed, apparently not.. unreal
Jarome Iginla would have been the perfect fit in Boston. Honestly, i was kind of looking forward to him playing with them.

of course, i always hoped bure, mogilny and fedorov would somehow get on the same team and recreate the russian red army line
i do have a question though: how are the penguins under the cap right now? doesnt seem possible
Never heard of either of those prospects, and the first rounder will be a late first rounder. Penguins got a steal here!!
This only works if (a) Pens win the cup or (b) can resign iginla. Otherwise this is a horrible trade for Pittsburgh. As is the risk with every trade for a 'rental' player
I am very happy with this move. I didn't think the Pens were in the running for Iggy after picking up Morrow and Murray. Funny thing I was reading on Twitter yesterday evening and all the talk was that he was going to the Bruins and even had one of the Boston brass saying it was 100% lock he was coming there. Haha. It's going to be great to see him in Pens colors and for Iggy I hope that this move will get him his Cup.

Randi don't be so sure. The Pens WANT the Cup as much if not more than any other team in the NHL and as far as heart goes, there's a ton of heart in the team. I know you want to bring the cup back to the Habs, but it may not be in the cards this year. Only time will tell.

BTW, I will have something big to show off this weekend showing off my feelings for the Pens(Hugh no hints).
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