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Full Version: 2008-09 Panini ACB Basketball box break
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Got myself a box of Spanish 2008-09 Panini ACB Basketball to see if I could pull a fresh Ricky Rubio and Serge Ibaka and well, I just really really wanted to bust a box as it had been a long while.

I pulled a few nice cards, including the Rubio and some other current NBA players. The video above is the full break, after a few seconds you get the link to the recap.

Tomorrow I will probably be able to upload a list of American guys for those who are interested in players from a specific university or college.
Not bad
Just quickly adding scans and info of the American guys

Curtis Borchardt (Stanford) - Utah Jazz
Jimmie Hunter
Brad Oleson (Alaska Fairbanks)
Taquan Dean (Louisville)
Chris Thomas (Notre Dame)
Jesse Young (George Mason)
Bracey Wright (Indiana) - Minnesota Timberwolves
Lamont Barnes (Temple)
Marcus Norris
Quincy Lewis (Minnesota) - Utah Jazz, Minnesota Timberwolves
Luke Recker
Jim Moran
Carl English (Hawaii)
Josh Fisher (Saint Louis)
James Augustine (Illinois) - Orlando Magic
Melvin Sanders (Oklahoma State) - San Antonio Spurs
Venson Hamilton (Nebraska)
Tom Wideman
Jayson Granger
Pooh Jeter (Portland) - Sacramento Kings
Pete Mickeal (Indian Hills / Cincinnati)

[Image: escanear0351.jpg]
[Image: escanear0352.jpg]
[Image: escanear0353.jpg]