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Full Version: another shocking find while redoing the org
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Holy cow, I was finally adding my 2011 Magic to my org (didn't do it the first time, apparently I should've). Bet this had more value then, but still look it up, its pretty high lol

2011 Topps Christian Ponder #70 SP red boarder

I just posted finding my Larry Bird RC while doing this, this is a nice add as well lol

Thanks for letting me share!
Wow, love it when I find a card in my stuff like that!
Sweet re-find! Lucky dawg!
it's ft if anyone needs it lol I just couldn't believe it books that high. I figured when I saw it was an SP that it was worth 5-10 max lol
i do that now and then.. right now im going through 21 hobby boxes ive opened this year.. sort them into teams etc and find that "rare" card you missed the first time around. ESPECIALLY topps or topps chrome.. spotting that SP is sometimes hard