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Full Version: 2012-13 Prestige (2 boxes)
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Hi. Really like this product so recently got 2 boxes of Prestige. Got 1 box from my LCS and another from Blowout. Here were my main hits.

Prestigious Picks:
Andrew Goudelock
Dion Waiters
Tyler Zeller
Miles Plumlee
Festus Ezeli


Bob Lanier Old School AU/49

Rajon Rondo (from a loose pack I had also got) and Marc Gasol Inside the Numbers

Russell Westbrook True Colors

Deron Williams (pretty sweet) and Danny Granger True Color Prime /25

Couple good rookie hits and the Lanier was an awesome hits, the prime relics were cool too.

If you wanna see picks I'm thinking of starting an album on Facebook and keeping photos of my collection and such in there. Has anyone done this or recommend this or have any other ideas about this? Your insight would be appreciated. I've got enough accounts that I'm trying to keep active with so I'm not really looking to create another account with photobucket, etc. so that's why I was thinking of just posting them on FB and if people wanted to see them they could just look at them there.

also... Aside from the Lanier and Williams relic I think most will be available for trade if anyone's interested and also I have plenty of base that I'd like to get rid of if anyone needs any to fulfill sets and what not. Probably wouldn't be looking to get rid of really small lots though. Thanks for checking out my thread.
I am interested in the Westbrook True Colors and the Waiters auto. I am looking for a few of the inserts too if you are trading those as well? You can see my trade thread here also, I realize it is a pain to create and maintain a new account on top of a bunch of others, but Photobuckett allows you to post pictures into the thread and that is a major benefit for posting on this forum. I don't use facebook much so I don't know if they do anything similar.
Yea I don't think you could post photos from Facebook onto here, maybe posting a link would work. I don't think it would be too much trouble though for someone to visit my facebook page though plus it would allow people to get possibly a better understanding of who I am and maybe add more trust in trading. I think it would be nice if Beckett would allow better ease in posting photos on here though. Thanks for the response.
Interested in the Rajon Rondo, if your looking to trade.
I think your Waiters hit may be better than the Lanier IMO. Nice hits though!
I'll check you for the Rondo, thanks. It is value wise, and the Waiters has room to grow, but the Lanier is a HOF auto with a fairly low serial number and one that I'm more likely to keep. Dunno how many autos he has out there but pretty neat to get a HOF auto. Don't really like the Cavs as well. lol...
Sorry, didn't see anything I could use at the moment for the Rondo. Thanks though.
Nice lanier
I am interested in the Rondo, check my org, when ever it comes back online. Thanks!