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Full Version: Limited Basketball
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Nothing really Scan worthy 2 redemptions in one box.

Gortat Spotlight /49
Tobias Harris Auto Redemption
Mitch Richmond AUTO redemption
Jeff Hornacek Curtain Call Jersey /199

Kinda unhappy I pull a box and 2 of the 3 hits are redemptions.
Yah thats the same crap that happened to me. Only my redemptions were Derek Fisher and Alec Burks. Atleast you can trade the Richmond to Buck lol. The limited has potential for a lot of different nice autos and patches but man there are a lot of low bv ones also.
same happened to me with limited.. i think the cards i got out of the box were worth 15 dollars total lol. never touching this product again.
Thanks TBarn haha. If it's the Masterful Marks redemption I do need it. I'm currently bidding on one on eBay, if I don't win it I'll be a-callin for that Mitch!
it is the masterful marks lol.
Nice horenceck