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Full Version: Looking to make some trades
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Hey guys,

Im looking to make some trade! Im looking for those players: Mike Richter, Jonathan Quick, Ryan Callahan, Keith Yandle, Jason Zucker and Matt Donovan.

Also looking for those guys for friends: John Tavares, Jake Gardiner, Morgan Rielly, Milan Lucic & Patrice Bergeron.

But most of all, im looking to trade, plain and simple. So look at my ORG and send me open offers if you see anything you like.
looked through your org but couldn't find anything i needed, but you had plenty i wanted. So search my org, see if there is anything you need/want and we can work something out Smile
I just sent you an open offer. I just added the cards I need for my PC but if your like something more high value, i'll be able to use other stuff. Thanks
open offer sent
Open offer sent