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Full Version: 2013 Elite, at least I pulled Davis!
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Store was out of SPGU golf so I busted a packs to equal one full box of 2013 Elite. Six packs left from the last open box and 14 from a new box:

[Image: GoodPulls395.jpg]


[Image: GoodPulls396.jpg]

Sticker autos:

Vet auto came from the six packs:

[Image: GoodPulls391.jpg]

Sticker autos

[Image: GoodPulls393.jpg]
[Image: GoodPulls392.jpg]

And the ON CARD auto of Anthony Davis

[Image: GoodPulls394.jpg]

Not bad for 20 mixed packs
not bad bro, love that English!
Sweet pull on Mr. Unibrow and the O'Quinn
Not bad all around! Better than I ever have done honestly.
Congrats on the Davis! If its anything like the football elite inscriptions then it should grade really well!
Nice hit ... man, he is already shortening up his auto ... happens to the best of them!

Pulled these two earlier this season:

[Image: AnthonyFront.jpg]

[Image: Unibrow2.jpg]
Nice pulls!!! Interested in the Wade if it is available.
Interested in the OKC Thunder cards if they are for trade! Thanks!
Nice wade
i've busted 4 or 5 boxes myself, and i've done pretty well on the product, with the exception of the last box, which my best card was a tony parker red status #/9, i've really liked the product...only one that was kinder to me was i think you did very well, especially considering that you pulled from loose packs and not even a complete box. congrats!