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Full Version: 1Target $7.99 value box....Quad.Relic!
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Just picked one up after writing a wine order. It had 1 pack 07-08 luxury box, 09-10 absolute, 08-09 first edition and panini adrenalyn. In the luxury box.pack was.a Knicks quad relic #'d 3/25 of Marbury/Randolph/Lee and Wilson Chandler. Not too bad! Also got an oj mayo gold foil in adrenalyn And dwight howard gold first edition.
not bad at all!
can't complain, thats one of the nicer packs I've seen in those!

My best so far has been a pack of Bowman's Best (guarenteed auto/relic) in a baseball one, but I'd prefer Luxury Box lol
Its the first one I bought, and I did only because I saw the Luxury Box pack. It will be FT if anyone is interested.
Nice quad
I tried one of these with the recent influx of hits. Pulled two $10 in one pack (Rondo RC, Lebron Flight Team from an 06-07 UD pack) and nothing else even remotely noteworthy. I will learn my lesson eventually lol.