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Full Version: 1992 action packed #rp1 w/no gold foil
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I have 92 petty #rp1 w/no gold foil in names on front is this rare? is it worth getting graded?
racing cards do not benefit from grading. Most racing collectors prefer the cards not graded. On average you will spend more to grade them than you would get out of it.

It sounds like a promo card and there were thousands made making them virtually worthless. Do you have a picture
I agree with SS about the grading thing. It really doesn't help (in any sport) unless it is a condition-sensitive set and/or has a BV of $100+.
A scan of the card would help here some, but since there were 100,000 made, it is highly possible that lots of them missed the foil-laying process. I don't think most collectors would add any value to it and most would de-value it for missing the foil.