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Full Version: LF: 12-13 Artifacts Sapphires, Jsy/Patch /75, SP FWA
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I'm building the whole sapphire set, let me know what you have and I will check my master list of what I have got so far...thanks!

I am also pursuing all of the jersey/patch emeralds /75. Willing to buy these at a decent price and also trading for these. Only have a few so far so offer up!

and now one more, looking to build the 12-13 SP Future Watch Auto set. All should be marked in my org as wants.

I've got 8, 11, 13, 76, 135, 136, 184 & 188
still building this, got some in looking for more! prefer to trade close to equal BV, THANKS!
Hi David,
I am waiting to receive for you;
2012-13 Artifacts Sapphire
#13 Cam Fowler, #31 Henrik Zetterberg, #32 Ilya Kovalchuk, #76 Rene Bourque, #143 Patrice Bergeron TC

And possibly (I will know this evening):
#105 Curtis Joseph

When I receive them all I will send them to you for the extras you sent to me in our trade. Smile
AWESOME. I really appreciate it.
bump for today!
bump, new wants added!
bump this up
MONDAY BUMP! Would love to get some new cards this week!
I have #6 Dubinsky, and 120 Ryan Miller I didnt see anything in organize that stood out would you be willing to buy?
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