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Full Version: 2 boxes of 2011-12 Panini Past & Present - UPDATE on missing AUTO
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I bought a bunch of boxes on Monday when dacardworld debuted their "March Madness Sale". The 2 boxes of basketball I bought were both 2011-12 Panini Past & Present. I have been working on the insert sets for this product and figured it was worth a shot to grab a couple more boxes on sale, especially since I really like the set. I am too busy busting through the other boxes to take and post pics right now, but here is how I did:

Box 1:
SP - Grant Hill
Breakouts - E.Gordon, S.Curry, J.Holiday, J.Harden
Raining 3s - L.Bird, V.Carter, R.Horry
Fireworks - C.Anthony, J.Wall
Bread for Life - M.Cheeks
Bread for Health - B.Rush, J.Harden, A.Jefferson
Bread for Energy - T.Gibson, A.Horford, T.McGrady, C.Boozer
Changing Times - D.Rose, Al Attles, Bobby Jones, Billy Cunningham
Gamers Jersey - Luke Walton
Elusive Ink - Kenny Anderson, Rex Chapman (redemption)
2012 Draft Picks Redemption - #16 Royce White

The nice part was that I needed a lot of those for my sets. However it seems like I was shorted an autograph, since the 2012 Draft Pick Redemptions aren't autographed. Since there are supposed to be 3 autos per box, will Panini do anything about this or is it not worth contacting them about.

Box 2:
Breakouts - A.Bynum, J.Lin, J.Wall, W.Matthews
Raining 3s - Kobe, Lebron, V.Carter
Fireworks - B.Griffin, K.Garnett
Bread for Life - L.Bird, T.Porter
Bread for Health - A.Stoudemire, S.Nash, L.Deng
Bread for Energy - T.Gibson, A.Horford, T.McGrady, C.Boozer
Changing Times - B.Griffin, D.Nowitzki, D.Issel, G.Mikan
Gamers Jersey - Al Horford
Elusive Ink - Bill Wennington
Breakout Autographs - Taj Gibson
2011 Draft Pick Autograph Redemption - #XRCO

So I calmly went to go look up who "XRCO" would be redeemed for...turns out it's KYRIE IRVING!!!
I think that last card ultimately made up for the lack of a 3rd auto in the 1st box.

So, I was sorting through the base cards seeing if I had another set and came up 6 cards shy. However, I did find the missing 3rd autograph in the 1st box. Only thing I can think is that I just put all the base cards together without really pulling them apart to check each one. I am certainly glad I sorted them tonight, and now I am going to have to go back through the 2 sets I already made to make sure I didn't somehow miss another one. This is definitely my best pair of hits I've ever pulled (along with the Kyrie Irving) from basketball.

[Image: 20130328_002636_zps9b872f64.jpg]
I would definitely try to contact Panini ... David Sharp at

I pulled a Kobe auto redemption out of a pack of 10-11 Donruss last Monday night (it was in a $12 Target mixer!), but it expired this past June.

I contacted Panini and they redeemed it ... and it's supposed to be here via FedEx on Monday!

Awesome Kyrie hit, BTW!
They tend to be pretty quick on QA stuff, so absolutely send it in.

Sweet random hit, btw. I checked out their deals too, was REALLY tempted to spring for a Fleer Retro box, but it's only like $2 cheaper than blowout. Past and Present does look like the best deal. Nicely done!
Interested in the Kyrie if it's for trade!
(03-14-2013, 10:46 PM)netsfan1534 Wrote: [ -> ]Interested in the Kyrie if it's for trade!
I am debating about whether to keep it, trade it or sell it. If I do trade it then I would only trade for some equally nice card, or a trade involving a card around 1/2 the value or more of the Irving along with some other nice cards, or possibly for a bunch of HOF autos if they included Stockton and/or Karl Malone. I checked your ORG and didn't see anything I wanted for the Irving.
cant go wrong with a Kyrie, congrats!
Niiiiiiiice Kyrie Hit! I know you are trying to complete some of the insert sets but I have to ask...the Kobe Fireworks that FT?
(03-15-2013, 05:27 AM)JMarchand1981 Wrote: [ -> ]Niiiiiiiice Kyrie Hit! I know you are trying to complete some of the insert sets but I have to ask...the Kobe Fireworks that FT?
I got a Kobe Raining 3s in these boxes, but no Kobe Fireworks card. The Raining 3s was one I needed for my sets though, so it is not for trade.
Nice hit....My question is HOW BUSY is Rex Chapman that he has to be a redemption??
sadly, as soon as i saw your "xrco" i knew it was kyrie! i tend to forget a lot of things, but some things end up getting stuck in my brain...for me..."xrco!" congrats!
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