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Full Version: Mantle ,1951 , Pre Rookie Program
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What I have , but I don't know what it is worth is , 1951 Oakland Oaks program vs New York Yankees , Unscored , The game was played on or about May 25th , 1951 . Mantle is listed as a infielder uniform # 6 ( he was sharing that number asthere are 2 # 6s listed on roster.) So this is a pre rookie program . I have a newspaper article about the game also , and an article about wether he would make the team or get sent down after spring training . Anyone ever see these around ?

Thanks , Don
I haven't seen the program, but saying it's a Mantle pre rookie program is technically incorrect. Mantle made the opening day roster and he wore uniform #6. He was later sent down for about a month, and when he came back #6 was used, so that's how he got the now famous #7.