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Full Version: Are there any good White Sox autos in 2012 Bowman Chrome?
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I was trying to win an auction for the Blue Jays in a box break of 2012 Bowman Chrome, but I got outbid at the end. So for some unknown reason, I bid on the White Sox and ended up winning.

Other than Courtney Hawkins, are there any good White Sox autos that are worth watching for?

So far I'm 2 for 3 in box breaks. One time last year I spent half a paycheque winning the Texas Rangers in a break and the best card I got was a Bowman International Yu Darvish (I still kick myself for that debacle). Then last week I bought four spots in a break for 2012 Donruss Elite. I didn't buy four specific teams, but rather four random teams. I didn't see the break until after it was done, but one of the four teams I got was the Blue Jays, and ended up getting a D.J. Davis auto #/100. And then on Tuesday night I bought four random teams in a box break for 2008 Razor Signature Series done by the same person and ended up getting a Mike Stanton auto.

Though I'm not a White Sox fan, maybe I'll get something good out of this break. I will post tomorrow after the break to keep you updated.

I think Courtney Hawkins is it but he is in Bowman Draft. Kevan Smith is in Bowman Chrome but he doesn't appear to be anything special thus far but who knows?
So yeah, I ended up getting a Kevan Smith base auto, a Paul Konerko purple refractor and a Jordan Danks orange refractor numbered 10/25, but it is mis-cut.