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Full Version: First 2012-13 Totally Certified Box Break Hits
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Not sure if this is considered a good break or not, but I did get a 1/1. Let me know what you guys think. Just listing the serial numbered and hits,

Trevor Booker Totally Red to 499
Delonte West Totally Red to 499
David Lee Totally Red to 499
Doron Lamb Totally Red to 499
Daniel Gibson Totally Red to 499
Nikola Vucevic Totally Red to 499

Kobe Bryant Totally Blue to 299
NENE Totally Blue to 299
Ben Gordon Totally Blue to 299

Chuck Person Totally Blue Jersey to 99
Kevin Durant Totally Blue Jersey to 99
Derrick Favors Totally Red Jersey

Reggie Jackson Rookie Roll Call Auto
Tony Wroten Rookie Roll Call Auto
Justin Hamilton Rookie Roll Call Auto

Mark Price Totally Black Memorabilia 1/1

Pics here:
I would have been happy with the Kobe and Durant because they are PC and good trade bait. The 1/1 is a sweet bonus. I've seen better but I have seen worse breaks of this product(hell, I Have had much much worse breaks of this product).
That is a good box, I have broken some where it was all RED jerseys and rookie roll calls of who the hell is this.

Sick price lets see a scan
Love the Price! ARe you open to trading it?
I would also have interest in the Price...what are you after for it?
(03-04-2013, 05:54 PM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]Sick price lets see a scan
I put the link to the photo bucket pic on my post.
I just recently got back into the collecting game and am fairly new to online trading, but I would be interested in trading the Price. Does anyone have any information on how to find a value on the card, everything I have looked at has it listed as N/A. If anyone is wanting to trade for the price, I collect Durant, Jordan, Kyrie Irving, and Kentucky Alumni just P.M. me. Thanks.