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Full Version: Baseball yearbooks/scorecards misc fs - scans
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Lot of 2 1969 San Diego Padres Yearbooks Inaugural Season (rare) Good condition loose cover & poor condition water damage $20 shipped
[Image: scan0335_zps9f514321.jpg]
[Image: scan0334_zpsd75ac6be.jpg]
Lot of 2 Baltimore Orioles scorecards 1970 Palmer cover (unscored vs. Detroit) nice shape slight cover wear 1971 nice shape nicely scored vs. Washington (7/23/71) both for $20 shipped
[Image: scan0325_zps534ec81e.jpg]
[Image: scan0330_zps6f94bf9a.jpg]
1976 Chicago Cubs Yearbook near mint condition Centennial $15 shipped
[Image: scan0329_zps9e43e3d0.jpg]
1974 Baseball Register by The Sporting News Pete Rose cover $12 shipped
[Image: scan0326_zps17c668e1.jpg]
Lot of 2 Chicago White Sox yearbooks (paperback) 1966 & 1967 excellent condition minor cover wear $20 shipped
[Image: scan0315_zpsf3f88e8f.jpg]
Baseball Digest 6 issues earlier 1970s good condition (Killebrew issue pages loose) $20 shipped
[Image: scan0313_zps2ecfdb6e.jpg]
[Image: scan0312_zps845b73af.jpg]
[Image: scan0311_zpsb67cf12d.jpg]
Love the Orioles books!