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Full Version: 2 boxes 2012-13 Timeless Treasures - 6 autos - no personal mojo
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I'm not a real Basketball fan (nearest NBA team is 2 states away), but I always give Timeless Treasures a try. I've pulled some really nice patches and HOF materials from this product in past years, as well as my only Kobe auto.

That being said, no love for me here. 6 autos (2 of which are redemptions), zero memorabilia, and only 1 base parallel card. I pretty much had to look most of these guys up.

Tin 1:

37 - George Hill
78 - DeMarcus Cousins
90 - Jason Kidd
93 - Marcus Thornton


209 - Klay Thompson - 269/499
210 - Kris Joseph - 130/499

Validating Marks
43 - Ryan Anderson - REDEMPTION

Tin 2:

37 - George Hill (yes again)
57 - Zach Randolph
77 - Carl Landry

Base Parallel
70 - Rashard Lewis - 01/25


165 - DeQuan Jones - REDEMPTION
194 - John Henson - 475/499

Validating Marks
38 - Nikola Pekovic - 135/199

Considering I'm already waiting on around 30 redemptions from Panini, from every sport they offer, seeing 2 more doesn't really make me too giddy with happiness.

Maybe Panini should change thier name to "REDEEM-EE"
Id be interested in the Thompson and Pekovic if your looking to trade..

Also interested in the Thompson. Let me know if you like anything. Thanks!
The Klay Thompson is the best card you pulled, imo. To compare him to someone from the past, think of Allan Houston
Nice lewis