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Full Version: Opinion: Best product to break for 2012-13
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Been out of the hobby for about 3 years and haven't broke any product in probably 5 years. Heading out to Frank & Son's this Saturday 3/2 and would like to open some nice product that I can have the best odds at pulling pulling some nice cards. It seems like some product is weak this year and there is some nice product like Panini Absolute that looks great.

Once I break the boxes Saturday I will post the pulls before the weekend is up.

Thanks in advance
Totally certified gets you 3 auto and 3 mem per box with nice looking cards and can pull big hits. Newest product is elite. I have not had a chance to try that yet but it looks good.
Prizm is the best dollar for dollar-wise IMO. However, it may be difficult finding any available. I think it really depends on what you are looking for. If you want hits than Juke has it right. Certified has six hits in a box and since the product relatively tanked the price of the boxes has dropped from the original price point. If you want to build a set than Prestige is a good set to build because the rookies are non-autos. If you want auto rookies than Threads or Elite would be a safe bet.

It all really depends on what you are looking for.
I hadn't opened new product since the 90s and happened past a local shop while out in LA last week. They had one box of Prizm and I was itching to rip so I bought it and man was it fun. Had to go back the next day and get another case fresh box.Not too many big hits to chase but the base cards are gorgeous and the golds are stunning and commanding some major cash.

I will see if I can find Prizm this Saturday but may also buy a box or 2 of the other recommendations. Will have to see how much I am willing to shell out once I get there. Thanks for the input people.
Are you going to the Frank and sons in the City of Industry? If so I was just there last weekend and tell you where to look.
Buy singles u will be ALOT happier
(02-27-2013, 09:27 AM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]Buy singles u will be ALOT happier
Truer words cannot be spoken but man, is ripping a box fun.
Yes, I will be going to F&S in Industry this Saturday. I will see if my MOJO has changed since last breaking a box. Usually just buy singles because box breaks can be really frustrating but also fun when you get some nice hits.
I think the best box to bust at this point is definitely 12'13 Totally Certified. You get 3 autos & 3 memorabilia cards, of those 3, one should be a patch card. The rookie autos are on-card. And you have the allure of pulling an emerald parallel (which are #'d /5) and/or the black parallel (which are 1/1s).

Even though I did insanely great in my lone box break of 12'13 Absolute Mem., I wouldn't recommend it as it is very hit or miss. I saw 1 box where a person pulled 4 no namer rookie autos, no memorabilia card. Which is funny since the product is called "Absolute Memorabilia", heck I didn't pull a memorabilia in my box either.

I'm staying away from 12'13 Timeless Treasures, 12'13 Threads, 12'13 Elite (the new set which just came out) and 12'13 Contenders. I think 12'13 Prizm is a fun gamble but the cost of a box is too high now. And I thought 12'13 Prestige & 12'13 Hoops were okay but those are more geared toward the rookie autos.
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