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Full Version: A few questions about trading through the Organizer
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I have only made a handful of trades, and I am still getting use to updating the organize function. If I make a trade through the website do my inventory numbers automatically update, or do I have to go into the org and 0 them out? I had to turn down two trades this weekend due to not having a card anymore and it still showing up as available

Also, what is everyone's take on including base cards in the org? Do you do it or save the org for more sought after trade bait? I am a set collector so it might be nice to hunt for base cards, but it is such a sluggish process already that I wonder if taking the time to upload base would be seen as valuable to those looking to trade with me.

Any insight on either question is appreciated.
If your already paying for the org, (over 99 cards listed) then i suggest adding everything you have. You never know when someone will be looking for a few cards to complete a set, or someone who is just looking for every tim duncan card.

With that said, most of the traders here. it seems, do not collect base cards or at least very few. Or maybe the problem is they already have them. Other than giving them away, not sure how else to get rid of them except trading here or selling in bulk on the bay.

Your org should update cards you trade away and set trade away value down by one for each card traded. For cards you trade for it does not update a want/trade for listing already in your org. It creates a second listing that now says you have the card, but it still shows as a want when you are looking at other peoples orgs for your next trade. This is frustrating as you will sometimes end up with duplicates if your not paying attention.

One I have a trade accepted I go into my org and delete the wants of the cards i just got in the trade. Then move the cards from recently traded to my folders when they arrive.
yes, the org will update automatically after a trade, but I don't think it does so until you and the other trader mark the items as shipped/received. so accepting the trade doesn't change the quantities. your new cards go into the default "recently traded" collection.

probably obvious, but just in case you weren't aware, you can add whole sets to your collection, don't need to click on each card individually.