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Full Version: MJs for Trade- Take a look
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Picked these up the other day at the LCS. I am looking to get Kobe's or 2009-10 Contenders autos.
 photo MJTradeBait_zpsa9fc462a.jpg

[Image: MJTradeBait2_zps8fe240be.jpg]

[Image: IMG_zps39265896.jpg]

And I had originally traded for the card below previously. I was not sure of the authenticity of the card so the LCS owner took it back and I ended up still making off pretty good on that trade. He sent it away for grading.

[Image: IMG_0001_zps9bb169b4.jpg]

I posted this in the general basketball forum. I figured that I would post it here as well. Everything is FT with the exception of the 1996-97 EX2000. I ended up liking the card too much to trade.