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Full Version: 2012-13 Elite Break
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You are all bad influences, Saw the breaks so I ran to the LCS and picked one up. Was pretty happy with the outcome, Other cards not mentioned on here would be a Jermaine O'Neal jersey (Wrong O'Neal, Shaq was the only one worth making a card of)

Picked up the last pack of Absolute they had as well, Not bad 2 autos in one pack. All are FT/FS

[Image: Scan0050_zps4e3fe06b.jpg]
I would like a crack at the Rivers auto if you're trading it ... thanks! RJ
Nice looking product. Cool Break!
What "base" rookies did you get(the ones to 599)? I am going to make a run at this full set.
Elite Rookies: NNO

Elite rookies /599
Kawhi Leonard
Marcus Morris
Reggie Jackson

Are the numbered ones FS or FT by any chance?
Are the numbered ones FS or FT by any chance?
I need all four. I am willing to buy or trade. DOesn't matter to me. Let me know what might work for you!
I need that Kendall Marshall!!!