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Full Version: Any diecast experts out there?
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Stumbled upon my old diecasts - most of them I know what they are, but there are a couple (mainly an old Richard Petty) that I'm stumped on.

Looking to pick some brains. Thanks.
We can try, gIVE as many details as you can plus picture if possible
Thanks, hopefully I'll be able to get a picture up later this evening,

What I do know about it is it's an ERTL and it says 1980 Chevrolet on the bottom of it. But when I look it up in the OPG, there doesn't appear to be a 1980 ERTL Richard Petty.

It's not like I have it mint in package or anything - it's in decent shape given its age - but it's an old childhood toy. Just wasn't sure if it was anything mildly significant or if it's just something I picked up with the rest of my Matchbox cars at a garage sale and should be given the same treatment now. lol

Thanks again.
richard petty 1981 in the search. There is a picture it should be what you are looking for
That's the one. Thank you very much!
you are very welcome