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Full Version: 2007-08 Topps break....
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Got two boxes (1 jumbo, 1 24pk retail) coming in today. will post results tomorrow. Here's hoping for a bit of pc mojo.
Got the boxes in, have opened them and sorted them out. Total results. 3 complete sets, 1 complete 57-58 variations set, all but three of the bill russell missing years set.

2x Koby bryant Own the Game

1 Luke Walton Variations Autograph
1 Yao Ming Variations Game Used
Gold's - not much to speak but the Gerald Wallace (PC)
Kirk Hinrich Copper

2 Ya Ming Variations Gold

Was one card short of a fourth complete set and about 6 short of a second variations set.

The GU and Auto both came out of the Jumbo.

So considering i spent AU$156 (w/shipping) at dacardworld, I think I did pretty good.