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Full Version: 1 Box of Contenders
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Eh, Not terrible, but not very good either.. I think my favorite card of the bunch is the Zuerlein.

[Image: SeanSpenceContenders_zpsdb99b8b9.jpg]
[Image: RyanLindleyContenders_zps33f206b3.jpg]
[Image: TimBenfordContenders_zpsc8bc7409.jpg]
[Image: JoshRobinsonContendersPlayoffTicket_zps0eb91732.jpg]
[Image: GregZuerleinContendersPlayoffTicket_zps3a4dc3a9.jpg]
[Image: MohamedSanuContendersRookieInk_zpsf09cac77.jpg]

Thanks for looking!
not bad.. couldve been worse!
(02-17-2013, 08:23 PM)jfrench91 Wrote: [ -> ]not bad.. couldve been worse!
Yeah, 2 playoff tickets in a box isn't bad. Kind of crazy when a kicker is my best auto, lol.
i said the same thing when i pulled the exact same card of zuerlien...must have been the same sort as yours.
I think it's kind of cool that his auto in the checklist. He did have a crazy year this year so maybe that one will hold its value. New Vinatieri anyone??

You also got 6 autos which is nice. Not a bad box.
Not bad. Between Legatron and Walsh it's a boom year for rookie kickers!