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Full Version: A Week of New Blue(shirts)
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Another week full of packs, trading, and buying has helped add some more great cards to my NYR collection.

First, a big thanks to Randi for sending these my way to help re-build my collection...
[Image: Scan4_zps65b46b18.jpeg]

These next two batches came from COMC, except for the Hagelin (group break) and the Del Zotto (trade with katykreed)...
[Image: Scan5_zpsd5bfd011.jpeg]

[Image: Scan6_zpsb571ff41.jpeg]

This is a mixed lot. I traded for the Messier/Kurri, pulled the Cherepanov (RIP) and bought the other two here on Beckett...
[Image: Scan7_zpse44e28c7.jpeg]

Two cards of Boyle, one from a trade and one from my pack of Limited...
[Image: Scan8_zpse2a1b2e7.jpeg]

And finally, one of my new favorites. Thanks to unrealface08724 for this one in trade...
[Image: Scan9_zps74ab7ec2.jpeg]

Updating my org today, so let's keep trading everyone!
Great looking additions to your PC.

Open Trade offer sent, PLMK
Very nice NYR's adds! Really like seeing the Cherepanov auto. Sad, what might have been????
Nice additions...that 4-Piece Auto/10 is awesome!
Sick #"d 10