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Full Version: 5 Topps Chrome football blasters...OMG
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Pulled absolutely NO A.Luck....Not one base, nothing. Unbelievable. That's 40 packs...40 packs...No Andrew Luck, not one. No autographs either. A few Camo cards, a gang of Nick Foles and Brandon Weedon's. 2 RGIII's. 40 packs, people...40 packs. I live in Germany where NOONE collects. They still have 2010 & 2011 football packs out. uggh....One(1) Luck would have made my day. Just one.
You should just order hobby boxes over the internet
40 packs is alot ... youd think 1 luck would show up.
I feel like I should send you a Luck Chrome.
(02-17-2013, 03:58 PM)swjrp10 Wrote: [ -> ]You should just order hobby boxes over the internet
Or just buy some Luck RCs straight up. I know, not as much fun, but if that's what you're looking for it's way more cost-effective, and you're guaranteed a Luck RC in every package you rip open, LOL!!
It's been a few days since I opened those boxes and I still cannot believe it. Someone recommended buying "hobby" boxes instead of retail. I'll give that a shot. But this is why I love this hobby...the thrill of the hunt! Anyway, I posted a picture of those superstars Weeden and Foles. Roger Staubach came into the league at 27 and he's in the Hall of Fame, so who knows. If anyone is interested in the ones in the photo please let me know. I am always open for trade. Though I live in Germany I mail APO which is in New York, so there is no international charge on anyone's part. Let me know. Now, back to my misery...

[Image: DSCN1139_zps3d3c7a79.jpg]
Chrome blasters are notoriously hit or miss ... by the time you weed out all the inserts and base cards, you get about 10 RCs per box (maybe) ... not good odds.