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Full Version: Blaster of contenders
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Just busted a blaster of Contenders from Target....could use some help on figuring out what the Andrew Luck is...cant find it listed anywhere....

[Image: 6F4F5809-0E1D-4224-988D-AF900DD2D5AB-148...ddc306.jpg]

[Image: 01714F59-AE3A-44CB-B7A9-A31AC8FBEDD8-148...ab417b.jpg]

[Image: D908FA58-0E25-4B3B-ADA0-E31F28670C9D-148...26ae09.jpg]

And the hit.....

[Image: B2749D6B-51EC-4709-A047-546FB4F367D2-148...cd61d5.jpg]
Not a problem my friend.

(02-17-2013, 10:48 AM)lcollins1998 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks!
What did u pay for a contenders blaster?
$29.99 5 packs..guaranteed auto
K. Thanks probably just buy hobby when I get my tax return...haven't seen any blasters yet and was wondering on the price.
Ohhh, but there are retail only autos....
Some SP autos too.
Couldnt believe I got a cracked ice out of the retail....
Very nice Break! A cracked Ice auto in retail? Playing with house money now..
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