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Full Version: RNH error?
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ok, we all know RNH was drafted #1. i just recieved my contenders rnh calder contenders auto from redemption. as i scour it up and down and check out its grading qualities, i noticed on the back in the paragraph that it states "the 2011 No. overall selection was having....." why is there no "1" after the "No."? are they all like this or will i be making a phone call on tuesday? i know its minor and petty but.....
more likely than not, this is a printing error and all of them are like this. one of the editors missed it. also, i don't think there is anything they will be willing to do about it either. it would cost them too much to have them all reprinted and signed. sweet card you have though!
if they are all the same then thats the heck can such a big name card be overlooked like that? it's RNH!