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Full Version: 1 hobby prizm...2 golds!
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Stopped by a random card shop and picked up a box of prizm. Never thought I would rip one of these but was in the mood and it was pretty fun.

Pulled 2 golds: al Harrington and George Gervin

3 przms: Lin base, affalo base and nene base

Notable rookies: Lillard, Davis, Barnes, Drummond, Thompson.

Autos: vesley, Kemba.

Pretty good I would think! Scans to come. Petty nice product. Like the simicity. Open for trades and if anyone has set needs, let me know.

Is it worth sending these in to bgs? Looks like bgs 9.5s on the big RCs bring a nice premium.
That was a loaded box. Not sure if the market is still silly on the golds but I would think that between the two you would pay for 3/4 of the box
Nice break! The one thing I noticed with the Prizm is there was a lot of centering issues but if you got any 9.5-10's definitely worth the money to get them graded. At least the notable RCs and the Golds anyways.
I would think the Gold Gervin would get a decent price. You got a loaded box brother, very very jealous!!!!
Id be interested in the Kemba if it comes up for trade.
Here is my current set needs:

2012-13 Panini Prizm #180 Sam Jones
Not bad
(02-17-2013, 10:20 AM)quavis Wrote: [ -> ]Id be interested in the Kemba if it comes up for trade.
I would much rather sell it. Let me know.
Really nice pulling two golds! If you are trading would love a shot at the Nene and Vesely auto. Thanks Smile
The golds made the box and the walker auto was icing on the cake. I have had my hands on a couple of golds and they are beutiful...I just had to move them because of the great offers I got. You had a great box.