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Full Version: Box of Topps Magic
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[Image: img379_zpsbf13e98b.jpg]

unfortunately the Stephen Hill is damaged, dont know if its worth sending in for a replacement though.

[Image: img380_zpse6e20f9d.jpg]

[Image: img381_zpsb0a67cae.jpg]

i was a little disapointed that i got 2 of my 3 autos as redemptions, but im not complaining about who they are.

[Image: img382_zps60d2553b.jpg]
Man that box kicked butt! Great autos there
nice break! i may have to buy some magic
I'd rather have those two redemptions than some of the other autos that Topps threw into these boxes.
Wow - thats the first time I saw two redemptions in one box. Hope thats not a sign of things to come. Not saying i wouldnt be happy with those but this redemption stuff is killing the hobby - for me at least.
ya its the first time ive seen 2 as well in one box, not bad for who they are though, and they could have been alot worse, but im not complaining i really like the look of the product, and just might have to get another box next weekend if i got the cash.
Nice martin