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Full Version: THis could be the best 2012 Gridiron Hotbox ever
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99% of the time when someone opens a 2012 gridiron hotbox they could be loaded with scrub jerseys and scrub autos ...

I busted 1 2012 Gridiron Hotbox off my LCS today and brought home not only the hits but a smile on my face for sure :p

First are the parallels i got 2 golds /100

then the jerseys

[Image: 33ed2dbf4d50b18ffc0c7741b00cfe37_zpsb46dcfaa.jpg]

then my autographs

[Image: 579a54e5d72a4542e258505221a01a4c_zpsa7c5361f.jpg]

[Image: d58cb0ac1218cbadba79902cee1e2934_zpsa4ff8c6f.jpg]

then these 2 # /49

[Image: 480dd72573c30b4b460558291ed5a27c_zpsf6069e85.jpg]

[Image: bb60c98e1ed04acb5b20105fd9e7e4b6_zpsdf9ab22d.jpg]

That was the backside nothing to be happy about the numbering but wait till you see the front side

and here goes boom # 1
[Image: a325c96514c0157c19948284b2f6856f_zps44508053.jpg]

followed it up by this boom #2

[Image: 60c877be5676fbeb363b5759841846d2_zps52afd2a0.jpg]

with those i was happy already with the break

and this card sneaked up on me

[Image: ed3b2f6f7035046c6bcbc4b285cd4fce_zps5dbc8ca3.jpg]

And thanks for looking

[Image: 1eef7b521926051c8b485f784f17b260_zpsede13293.jpg]

Everything is for trade for 2012 Panini Certified Freshman Fabric Auto jersey i need for my set
I hate you...that is all lol as a colts fan, y can't I ever hit a Luck!
Interested in the Ronnell Lewis auto.
WOW. Kind of a good box :p
Sick martin
id say thats a hot box! very nice hits,congrats
Would love a shot at the Sean Spence Gridiron auto.... Please check me for it. Thanks
Very nice!