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Full Version: OT: BIG News...
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Just felt like announcing it here (since some of you I consider to be friends Smile )....

Last night, I proposed to my girlfriend, who said: YES! Smile

LUCKILY, she is starting to get involved in the hobby too! haha!

Lol, congrats Tim that's cool if she's interested in the hobby, my wife didn't even know who Gordie Howe or bobby Orr was.....lucky she's cute ..
haha thanks man!

My girl didn't know much either, but she has watched every game with me this year, and now participates in box breaks... Thinking about starting her own collection too. Tongue

*BUMP* because I love attention ?????
Congrats! My wife enjoys sharing the hobby, somewhat. Not quite as much as I do, or our kids, but she does indulge in the occasional box break with me.
Congrats Tim!!!! Really cool that she is getting into the same hobby that you like. She's definatly a keeper. Best wishes to you and her, and to a life full of awesome pulls.
Congrats Tim on you engagement. Its really cool that you and your girlfriend can share this like a hockey game and or box breaks together.
Congrats. Just dont spend all your money on cards Wink
She sounds like a keeper. My wife watched games and opens packs, but once the card is out in the open, she couldn't care less.
A HUGE congrats to you and your fiance!! I wish you both nothing but the best.
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